Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?
We are a B2B company providing a vast powerful network of hotels and transfers in one unique system, to help wholesalers, tour operators, travel agencies and online travel specialist to reduce their costs and increase their business.
How does our Business Model work?
Travellanda provides a password protected system for all travel agencies to book travel related services worldwide with net rates.
Is there a cost to use the Travellanda Online System?
No, Travellanda system is absolutely free of charge for all travel agencies.

Use of the System

What do I do if I forget my password?
Please click the Having trouble signing in? link where you log in to the site. You wil be able to reset your password by using this link.
Do you offer White Label or XML?
Yes we offer White Label B2B and XML technology. Please contact for further information.
Do you offer net or commissionable rates?
We only offer net rates on the system.
How can I add commission in the system?
You can add your commission amount as percentage by clicking on "User Admin".
How can I add more users and generate passwords for new users?
Please click on "Add a New User Account" under "User Admin". You can create the new user account by filling in the form on this page and submit.
If the system shows availability at a given hotel, is the availability really there?
We work with room allotments with hotels so the availability is really there. However at the time of booking even if showed available it happens that the booking doesn’t go through and is not confirmed due to technical reasons or update of allotment in the system. Please note that a reservation is confirmed ONLY when the status in the system is CONFIRMED.
What does ON REQUEST mean?
On request means that the allotment we have with that specific hotel is consumed already. When you book for on request hotels we send request to the hotels asking for extra allocation and we get back to you maximum in 48 hours.
Are these hotel rates per person/night or per room/night?
The rates displayed are per room per night prices.
Is breakfast included in the hotel rates?
Some of our hotel contracts are done with breakfast and some hotels are contracted without breakfast. You can find the information for the meal type in the search results.
Who do I contact if a reservation I have made requires action from the reservations department at TRAVELLANDA?
You can use the messages part in our system to contact our reservations department or you can call us at +44 (0)20 3384 5410. Please note that amendments will be done ONLY if you send a request in writing.
Where can I see the cancellation policy?
The cancellation policy is provided to you after you click on the "Book" button on the search results. The cancellation policy might differ from booking to booking so it is very important to check the cancellation policy before making the booking.
How can I amend my bookings?
You need to send the amendment details using the messages part on the system.
Can I confirm the status of my booking with the hotel?
We suggest you to contact our reservation department about all your requests regarding your bookings. If the status of your booking is "On Request" you need to wait for maximum 48 hours for us to confirm or reject the booking.
Will I be able to print the travel voucher once I have made a credit card payment online?
Yes you will be able to print the voucher as soon as you complete the payment.
How can I see the hotel details before booking the hotel?
You can click on the name of the hotel and you will find the hotel information.


How will I pay for my bookings?
For bank transfers please use the Travellanda bank accounts below. You can also pay by credit card; we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
Travellanda Ltd.
HSBC Bank, 21 King’s Mall King Street, London W6 0QF
GBP Account EUR Account USD Account
IBAN GB38HBUK40032101871676 IBAN GB33HBUK40127670317442 IBAN GB95HBUK40127670606356
Also you can pay to our bank account in Hongkong in Hongkong Dollars and 15 other currencies.
Company Name: Travellanda Ltd
Account Number: 652-146051-838
Information on Remittances :
Inward payments :
Branch address : HSBC
No. 1 Queen’s Road Central
Hong Kong
Can I book in one specific currency and pay in another?
Yes you are able to pay in another currency other than the one you had booked. Please contact our accounting department for the exchange rates of the day. Please note that in this case our accounts department will apply Travellanda exchange rate that might be different than the exchange rate you expect.
Can I pay with credit card?
Yes you can pay by credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Please note that we charge American Express only in GBP currency, therefore at the time of payment we will show the converted amount using the exchange rate of the day. You need to register each credit card you are going to use in the system. The card must be company credit card. We use 3D Security for credit card payments. If you face any problem making credit card payments on the system please contact our accounts department on


Who can I contact in case of an emergency?
For emergency cases during out-of-office hours, please call us at +44 20 3588 5639.
Who can I contact about sales and my account related issues?
You can send your request to